Here's how you have been failing as a parent

You need to change

You can discipline your child without yelling (samaa)

We are all humans and we make mistakes. But have you ever thought about how your actions impact your child’s life? Sometimes we think kids are too small to understand what is going on but the truth is that they can see it and although they may not say a word, it might affect them in one way or the other.

You might not be perfect but please try and avoid these common mistakes that most parents make:

1. Discouraging other parents

When one parent says that their child is two years can’t speak yet, don’t be that parent trying to make the other feel like they have failed to do their part. Children are different and so are their development milestones. Some will even lie about their babies’ milestones just to make others feel bad about their children development.

2. Comparing your child’s milestones with age-mates

As we have already said, children are different. So, if one parent points out their child’s development milestones, don’t be too fast to think that your child has a problem. If you think they have a problem, you should take them to a therapist.

3. Seeking help in the wrong forums

I have seen people post photos of their sick child and seek help from social media pages. One problem with this habit is that you will get a thousand different suggestions and you won’t even know the right one to give a try. Secondly, most people giving suggestions are not medical experts. That means you might try out a suggestion and then it backfires badly and you end up regretting. Why not call your paediatrician or take your child to the hospital for a professional medical check-up if you are concerned by their health problem?

4. Using vulgar language in the presence of the kids

Watch your words. Whether you are addressing your child or you are just chatting with your friends, your child shouldn’t learn vulgar language from you. It’s very strange that we still have parents who call their children names out of anger not caring about the effect it has on the little ones.

5. Yelling at your kids

There are better ways to get your kids to listen to you than shouting and yelling at them. For instance, you could give them that stern look that makes them stop what they were doing. Or you could withhold a toy from them every time they misbehave. This way, they will always remember to listen and obey you because they don’t want you to take their toy away. Yelling and shouting at them may cause anxiety and self-esteem issues.


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