Don’t we all love kitchen products that can double up as food and have other uses as well? Baking soda is one such product that has so many other uses around the house. But that’s not what we are talking about today.

I don’t know what other things you do with your maize flour besides making ugali and uji. I also don’t know if you know that you can actually incorporate your unga into your beauty routine. Mhmm, how so? You are wondering. Stay with us as we let you know how to, will you?

Exfoliate your skin with maize flour

Exfoliating should be done at least once in a week

No? you gotta try it first. In a previous article, we already told you that you should exfoliate your skin several times a week especially if you have blackheads.

Simply dampen your face and rub it gently with maize flour in circular motions. After that, use your normal face cleanser then moisturize.

Alternatively, mix the flour with some honey and tea tree oil to make a face mask. Leave it on your face for like seven minutes before rinsing off and moisturizing.

Nail polish mattifier

Matte blue nails (pinterest)

You could also give your nails a perfect matte finish with cornflour. Paint your nails with two coats of nail polish, add a pinch of cornflour to the topcoat and give your nails a matte finish.

DIY deodorant

Flour (Food Business Africa)

After taking a shower, rub some flour on your underarms and you will stay fresh all day long. You can also mix the flour with coconut oils and gently rub it on your underarms.

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Matte lipstick

Matte red lipstick (Lime Crime)

Apply lipstick normally the dust some cornflour on top until it’s fully absorbed.