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Incredible benefits of rubbing ice cubes on your face

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Ice cubes (Insider)

We all would love to have great skin. While some people naturally have flawless skin, some of us need to put extra effort to make sure that we get glowing faces. Especially if you struggle with acne, blackheads and whiteheads, then you know how hard it can be.

Of all the beauty tips you have tried, have you ever considered facial icing? No? Then you should probably give it a try. Facial icing is a skincare routine that can either be done in the morning or evening. It involves rubbing ice cubes on your face to achieve certain results. You can cover the ice cubes with a cotton cloth then rub them on your face in circular motions.

Here are some of the benefits believed to result from facial icing:

1. Relieves sunburn


Spent a long day in the sun? No problem. Rub ice cubes on your face for a refreshing feel and also to relieve the redness that occurs after sun exposure. The ice cubes also reduce the inflammation that comes with sunburn.

2. Fight eye bags

After a night with no sleep, don’t make it so obvious for people to notice it. To counter the eyebags and the tired look on your eyes, rub some ice cubes around your eyes and you will look fresh than ever. They help your skin relax and make you feel rejuvenated.


3. Soothing acne

Acne can be very stubborn. To reduce the inflammation caused by acne and their appearance, rub ice cubes severally until you see results. Ice cubes fight inflammation and they also reduce the production of sebum – production of excess sebum clogs skin pores and triggers acne.

4. Makes you look younger


We are all ageing but nobody wants to look older than their actual age. With a tired-looking face, you might look older. Rubbing ice cubes on your face increases blood circulation and also reduces inflammation leaving your skin looking fresh and younger.


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