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How to effectively let go of insecurity in your relationship

It all starts with you.

Feeling insecure in a relationship is normal.

Maybe you feel like you aren’t good enough for your partner and they could do better. It could be that you suspect your partner of cheating even when there is nothing going wrong.

Whatever the case may be, one thing that can be agreed upon is that insecurity if not handled properly can cause a lot of problems in a relationship.

If you are the one struggling with insecurity in your relationship, here are 4 things to do to let go of the insecurity you feel.


1.Stop trying to be a mind reader

If you have a problem with someone then ask them. Stop trying to piece two and two together then coming up with your own conclusion without knowing the entire story.

2.Do not creating problems that do not exist

Formulating conclusions without getting a clear understanding of what is going on will guarantee you to create problems that are not there. You may find yourself accusing your partner of cheating when in real sense there is nothing going on. The person you may be accusing them of cheating on you with may be their relative then you end up looking like a complete fool.

3.Give your all in your relationship


Focus on the positive in your relationship and how to make it better. Focusing on the negative can have a negative impact on your relationship and make it suffer in the long run.

4.Build your self-esteem

Insecurity begins with you so you need to make a conscious effort to self-assure. Look at what makes you feel insecure and figure out how to fix it. It could be a family related issue or as a result of being rejected by someone you love in the past.


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