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Kenyan moms share their crazy labour ward experiences

I slapped my husband so many times

Carol and Sheila - Kenyan moms share their labour experience

Forget about giving birth like a Hebrew woman. Some women go through so much in the labour ward. To some, the experience is something they would rather not talk about. Well, you might think that some of those stories you hear about labour ward experiences are exaggerated. But really, some are so true.

We had a few moms get real with us on what labour was like for them. See what they had to say:



“Labour ward is no joke. I laboured from 10 PM to 3:30 AM when I finally delivered. First, I took off all my clothes and started wandering all over and screaming. I spoke all the mother tongue I know on that day begging God to forgive me and not to let me die. I respect mothers.”


“At around 10 pm the real pain started. You try to call the nurse and when they check you the response is that you have not yet dilated enough. At that time, you feel like pulling off your hair. So, the back pain started wooi you try to call the next person akusugue mgongo wapi, you try to scratch your back but the pain is so much that you are breathing like a tired donkey. After induction, the pain got worse. I was screaming mami! mami! Mum eeeh! Because of the pain. Finally, my measurement got to 10 cm and I had my bundle of joy Baby Fabian. I literally cried when I held him in my arms. I couldn't believe I brought a new life in this world. A very big and healthy baby boy.”



“The pain was so intense that I couldn’t hold my tears. I had to come up with a way of dealing with the pain and I noticed snapping my fingers, nodding my head, and walking aimlessly in the ward was somehow helping.”



“So I was leaning on my bed saying ‘wawawa and sh*t, sh*t, sh*t’, rubbing my back and thinking all sorts of negative things. I was trynna cry like the crybaby I am machozi ata haitoki woi. That night unlike the other night I didn't sleep even a wink. How could I even? My bones were all over the place all this time yet my water had not even broken. I wanted to squat so badly to manage the pain but the pain was so intense. I wanted to sit but the beds were so high and my feet would dangle and make it uncomfortable. So, eventually, I lay on the bed and was just praying and rubbing my back hoping that it was a bad nightmare I was going through.”


“It’s not easy. When the pain was too much, I would hit the wall so hard and start undoing my Ghanaian lines”



“Few seconds after induction, I was literally a mad woman shouting my lungs out and calling all my ancestors by their names. I tried running away but the nurse stood in my way. All this time, my husband is there, helpless and begging the nurses to take me to the theatre. When the pain was too much to bear, I would slap my husband so many times. When it was time to push, I only pushed twice and my energy was gone. Only the head came out and I passed out. I woke up later only to find myself in the ICU in a different hospital. My baby too was in the ICU.”


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