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How to make potty training easy and fun for your toddler

It doesn't have to be hard

Potty training tips (Black Moms Blog)

Potty training for toddlers is not usually an easy thing. while some toddlers learn pretty fast, some take time. In fact, some will resist using the potty until much later. But you should not be frustrated if your toddler does not cooperate when it comes to potty training. Instead, try making the sessions more fun for them and it will be easier for both of you.

Here are a few tips you can try:

1. Make sure your child is ready


Your kid’s agemates could all be using the potty very well but that does not mean that your child is ready. The last thing you will want to do is force your kid to use the potty when they are not ready because you will both be frustrated. Watch for signs such as wanting to use the toilet when they see you going, and asking you to change their diaper to know if it’s time to start potty training.

2. Reward their success

Who doesn’t love to be rewarded after doing a good job? Reward them with toys or a snack they love every time they do it right. Trust you me, they will be looking forward to using the potty.

3. Make it a game


It’s never that serious with toddlers. Play a game or sing a song when potty training just to make the session more enjoyable.

4. Praise them

Well, maybe you do not think that it’s such a big achievement when your kid uses the potty correctly for the first time. But for them, it’s such a bid deal and you should shower them with praises for doing it. Clap for them, say all the nice things to them and even sing the ‘well done’ song to keep them motivated.


5. Include them when buying the potty

Since it’s a new thing you are introducing to your toddler, make sure it’s as interesting as possible for them. To begin with, go with them when buying the potty and let them choose what they want. If you can’t go with them, try and get a potty with their favourite cartoon character drawn on it.

6. Take a breather if you have to

Some kids learn how to use the potty when they are four or even five years. If it’s not working, don’t be afraid to take a break and try again after a few weeks. Make sure you don’t force it on them.



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