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Lilian Muli speaks on the one thing that made her lose weight after giving birth

How Lilian Muli snapped back after giving birth to her first child.

The mother of one posted a throwback photo of her slimmed down frame six months post giving birth to her son Josh attributing her weight loss to breastfeeding.

“This is just 6 months after I had my baby Josh he was a big feeder thankfully I had enough milk,” she captioned the photo.

She went on to joke about the effects of letting your child suckle on one boob for too long saying that the result is “not very cute”.


“FYI you have to balance the amount of time the baby spends suckling each tit otherwise one will stretch more than the other and eventually look bigger than the other (lol not an old wives tale I'm serious) that's not very cute.”

While she appreciated the skinny frame, she had after giving birth to her son the TV personality, hopes for a thicker frame after giving birth to her second child.

“I think I was too skinny though looking forward to some curves this time God willing.”

Pairing the breastfeeding with a good diet, the soon to be mother, again, dropped the weight pretty fast revealing that she only hit the gym a year after giving birth.

“I had a CS (not elective) so healing takes some time but I watched what I ate and also noticed the more I breastfed the more weight I lost and that applies to the tummy as well. I only worked out after a year.”


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Lilian isn’t the only celeb that has attributed her post baby weight loss to breastfeeding as Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger This is Ess also praised her slim frame to breastfeeding after giving birth.

Lilian is currently pregnant with her second child.


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