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8 reasons why men send d*ck pics

BUT WHY!!!!!!!!!

Reasons men send penis pictures (Courtesy)

Sometimes I lay in bed turning and tossing trying to fathom why a grown ass man, an adult with 32 teeth would feel the need to send his magic stick randomly to someone on their phone book. No, seriously, do guys just sit there and be like “Oh Stacy is gonna loooooove this *takes picture of dick and sends it*”. I’m beyond shocked that guys do not even feel just a little bit of shyness to send unsolicited dick pics. It should be considered as terrorism. Because of that reason, I dug out some reasons as to why a section of the human male species sends pictures of those things that are so light that they can be lifted even by imagination.

1. He honestly thinks you want to see it.

Men, we have told you time and time again. Do not, I repeat, do not send unsolicited dick pics. This only works if you’re sexting with someone you’re close to or have a thing with and anyway, it also helps to ask “Wanna see?” first. Consent, are you familiar with that word? Cause, trust me, not all of us wanna see that meat. Sorry not sorry.


2. There are women out there who don’t mind them.

To be fair, there’s a tone of desperate horny women out there! They don’t mind getting some of those random Ds and using them to wank. So, erm, because of those women who encourage this behavior, some men think that sending dick pics to all women will work.

3. They want to make their intentions very clear.

If a man sends you a photo of his penis, obviously, he doesn’t want the two of you to play scrabble the next time you meet.


4. He wants to show off.

Now, we can all agree that some dicks are very photogenic; the right size, full of veins, very steady and it looks like it’s ready to tear you apart, in the right way of course. The guy knows that he’s blessed with a real life magic stick and he wants to show off because he knows you will be pleasantly surprised and may even want to test that magic stick sooner than later and so he takes his chances.

5. He likes you, but he wants to see you naked.

Sometimes, if a guy likes you, he will at one point want to see you naked. However, he may be afraid to ask for a nude photo and he will go ahead and send his first, hoping that you will reciprocate.

6. Disrespect.


Some guys just don’t care and will send you dick photos to disrespect you. It’s as simple as that.

7. They think, 'I'd love it if a woman sent me her naked pic so, she'll probably love seeing mine too'.

I get it. Sexual exhibitionism is real you guys. Some people get sexually aroused by exposing their genitals to a non-consenting person. It's wild out there!


8. Attention seeking.

Some men crave attention. They probably grew up with no love and that kinda shit. Look, I'm no Dr.Phil but I seriously cannot think of other possible reasons why a man would see the need to send their penis to a non-consenting person.


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