This mascara tip will make your lashes look longer

Follow this steps for better looking lashes

Mascara can be frustrating when you’re trying to get that perfect rise for your lashes. Usually, the easiest way to make them look thicker is to dub some olive oil and powder to coat the mascara (erm... too much?) or getting extensions that is another expense.

Well, we found a trick that could put your mascara sorrows to an end.

What you need:

A tube of mascara and a mirror.

What you do:

Instead of beginning at the base of your lashes, apply the first coat of mascara to the tips, running the wand through the top side of your lashes and coating the tips from above.

Then look down into the mirror (to make sure you apply your next coat as close to the roots as possible) and wiggle your wand from base to tips as you normally would.

This will thicken your lashes in a sexy and neat gradual way for the perfect look

Try it out and let’s see your results on the comments.


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