Common mistakes you are making when washing your bras

They damage your bras

Cleaning bras(Bustin' Out Boutique)

What if we told you that you have been washing your bras the wrong way all your life? We want to bring that to an end and enlighten you on some common mistakes that most of us make when washing our bras.

1. You wash your bras after every wear

We bet you already know better than to recycle your bras for days without washing. Maybe what you don’t know is that you should not wash your bra every time you wear them unless you sweat a lot. On cold days, it’s recommended that you wash your bra after every two to four wears. This will make your bras last and serve you for longer.

2. Tossing them in the washing machine

I know hand-washing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But then, tossing your bras in the washing machine with other clothes may damage them. If they must go into the machine, hook the straps first and put your bras in a mesh lingerie bag so that they don’t get hooked to other clothes and get damaged.

3. Putting them in the dryer

Whenever possible, always air dry your bras. The heat in the dryer will destroy the elastic hence reducing the lifespan of your bras.

4. Hanging them the wrong way

After washing your bras, don’t hang them by the strap since that way, you subject one side to pressure that may cause damage. The best way to air-dry your bras is to hang them by the centre (the place between the cups) or lay them flat to dry with a towel beneath.

5. You use the regular detergent to wash your bras

Your regular detergent could be too harsh for your bras and is thus likely to damage them. If you want your bras to last longer, consider using a detergent that is designed for lingerie.


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