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Biggest mistakes you are making when washing your face

Avoid these mistakes

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Most people wash their faces in the morning and we bet you already know that you should never go to bed without cleaning your face. Even if you had washed it in the morning, by evening, it’s already dirty and you should clean it again. But even as you wash your face, you need to do it correctly. Yes, because some of the mistakes you make when washing your face ruin it instead of making it better.

For instance, these habits may seem harmless but they do more harm than good:

1. Rubbing your face dry


It might feel okay because that is what you do with the other parts of your body. However, you should pat your face dry instead of rubbing it. You should also use a designated soft towel and not just any towel. Rubbing your skin affects its elasticity and could lead to sagging and wrinkles.

2. Using the wrong temperature of water

You might have heard that washing your face with hot water is good because it opens the pores. Well, it’s time to ditch this bad habit as hot water is not good for your face. It strips off natural oils leaving your skin dry. This in returns prompts the skin to produce more oils which could lead to breakouts. Warm water is best.

3. Over-washing


I know we have said that you should wash your face at least twice a day. That, however, is not to say that you can go on and wash it five times a day. The more times you wash your face, the more you strip off its natural oils making it dry and sensitive. Sensitive and dry skin is prone to infections.

4. Waiting too long to moisturize

So that your skin can retain enough moisture and absorb the nutrients in your moisturizer, it’s good to moisturize when it’s still damp. Otherwise, you may not benefit from the essential substances present in your moisturizer.


5. Using the wrong cleanser

A cleanser that works on dry skin may not work for someone with oily skin. While someone with dry skin may need a more hydrating cleanser, someone with oily skin needs a cleanser that controls the oiliness. So take your time to know your skin type and identify the right products to use.


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