Natural ways to suppress your appetite and lose weight

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Weight loss(Africa's Healthy Choices)

Binge eating is one of the main causes of being overweight. If you have a crazy appetite that you have to keep on eating from time to time, you will find it hard to lose weight even if you exercise. But hey, all is not lost. After all, weight loss is more than eating right and exercising; it’s about your will power as well.

So, as long as you are willing to shed some pounds, that’s where it all begins. So what to do now? If a crazy appetite is your weakness, you need to suppress it. And you don’t have to buy those expensive pills when Mother Nature has all you need.

Here are some natural ways you can suppress your appetite, eat less and lose weight:

1. Eat lots of fiber

Fiber takes longer to digest, unlike other foods. Foods rich in fiber are also quite feeling which helps in suppressing your appetite and cravings. Some foods rich in fiber include; whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits.

2. A glass of water before every meal

Sometimes your body tells you that you are hungry but you are only thirsty. Before you reach out for your chocolate bar, try drinking a glass of water first. Research has shown that people who drink water before meals eat less because it suppresses your appetite.

3. Foods rich in protein

Proteins are filling in nature and you may want to start your day by taking a breakfast rich in protein. Eggs, a piece of chicken, bacon or fish for breakfast will help suppress your appetite by keeping you fuller for quite some time.

4. Ginger

Before you take your meal, try to drink some ginger water or ginger tea. It’s been known to suppress one’s appetite and increase satiety.

 5. Exercising before meals

Studies show that high-intensity workouts suppress the appetite hormones immediately. So exercising for a few minutes before each meal can help you lose some pounds.


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