12 warning signs of prostate cancer every man should be aware of

How to tell if you're developing prostate cancer.

For most men, it's recommended that they have periodic checks for prostate cancer from age 50.

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting men.

However, since it can still occur at any time it's always best to be vigilant about the state of your body.

Here are signs that you could be having prostate cancer.

1. Burning or pain during urination

2. Difficulty urinating.

This also includes trouble starting or stopping the flow of urine.

3. Urges to pee

Specifically if you feel the urge to pee a lot when you're asleep.

4. Loss of bladder control

If you're unable to hold your pee in, you may need a checkup.

5. Change in velocity in flow of urine

If your stream of pee isn't as "robust" or speedy as it used to be.

6. Blood in urine

7. Blood in semen

8. Difficulty getting an erection

9. Pain during ejaculation

10. Swelling in pelvic area

Especially in the legs.

11. Numbness in the hips

It could also be in the legs or feet.

12. Bone pain

Especially if it lasts long and can even lead to fractures.



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