5 quick fixes for your bad hair day

Don't let your hair stop you

Fixes for bad hair day (Dumela Africa)

Whether it’s just one of those lazy days or you had no time to have your hair done, we all have those bad hair days. And if you don’t know what to do with your hair on such a day, a bad hair day can mean a bad day in general.

So, next time you have a bad hair day, try these quick fixes for your hair:

1. Hats are your friend

You can never go wrong with hats. Besides, you have endless options to choose from given there are various types of hats. Hats won't only save you from your bad hair day but they are also flattering. Whether you have natural hair or braids that should have been undone weeks ago, a nice hat will do the hack.

2. Two cornrows

Maybe your salonist went MIA on the last minute and now you have to wait until the next weekend. Well, how about two cornrows DIY? If you don't know how to do it, you can learn from YouTube videos or have a friend plait you. Nobody will even know that you were trying to cover up for your bad hair day because when done correctly, you'll love them.

3. Bantu knots

They are cute and give you that of a true African queen. Above all, they are quite easy to do and protect your edges.

4. Wrap it up

This one needs skill but that's not to say you can't do it. You can style the head wrap in different ways - so you just need to master at least one style that suits you.

5. Wig it

Now, if you can't do cornrows, bantu knots and don't know how to play with the headscarf, a wig is your savior, assuming you already have one. By the way, every girl needs a wig for such days. So better get one already just in case things ever go south on the last minute.


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