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7 reasons why your clothes stink even after washing

Here's why

Airing laundry(savoringservant)

Your clothes are supposed to smell fresh after cleaning them, right? But that is not usually the case all the time. So where could you be going wrong? If you have had instances where your laundry stinks even after washing, you are probably making these mistakes:

1. Smelly washing machine

If your washing machine is smelly, your laundry will be smelly. As strange as it may sound, you need to have your washing machine cleaned at least once in a while. The dampness in your washing machine is likely to trap bacteria over time which will make your clothes stink.


2. Leaving them wet for too long

It can happen to all of us. You finish washing but forget to move your laundry to the drier or you leave them in the basin for too long before airing them. This gives bacteria all the time to breed and cause bad odour.

3. Soaking them for days


Another mistake that people make is soaking clothes and forgetting about it. The longer your clothes stay soaked, the smellier they get. This smell might not go away if you are not careful when washing them. You might need to wash them with warm water if they are already smelly so that they won’t stink after washing.

4. Overloading your machine

Seems like a great way to save time. But then, putting too many clothes in your washing machine means that they might not get cleaned properly. So, the dirt and the bacteria that will remain will still make them smell even after washing.

5. Using the wrong temperatures of water


Of course, not every fabric can withstand hot water. However, some clothes are better washed with hot water especially if they are stinking already to kill all the bacteria. Towels, for instance, tend to be smelly but good thing is that they can handle high temperatures.

6. Storing your clothes when they are damp

Especially during the cold season, you can get impatient and unhang your clothes before they are completely dry. This encourages the growth of mildew and the smell that follows is not something you will like.


7. How you store them

Storage is everything. Even after washing your clothes with a detergent whose fragrance is heavenly, they will still smell if you don’t store them correctly. If your closet is not well ventilated, or it’s damp, your clothes might get smelly. Always make sure your closet is clean and try using perfumed tissue paper or cotton balls to make sure they are always smelling nice.


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