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Sure signs that it’s time to replace your bra

Time to ditch your bra

Signs it's time to replace your bra (Bustle)

Hey girls, how old is your favourite black bra? Shopping for a bra can be an uncomfortable experience not to mention that you might still end up buying the wrong size. So if you get the right fit, you just want to hold on to it a little longer than is recommended. But the secret to buying the right bra size is to make sure you measure your bra size. It’s something you can do at home all by yourself, with the help of someone, or, you can go for a professional measurement.

That said, when is the right time to replace your bra? If you are keen, your bra will show you some signs indicating that it’s about time you get a replacement.

Below are a few signs to watch out for:

1. The underwire is poking into your skin


Nothing is irritating like an underwire poking into your skin. Even if the other parts of your bra are okay but the underwire is hurting you, you need to replace it. Not just for comfort but you also want to avoid any possible mishaps in case that wire digs deep into your skin.

2. Straps keep on falling

I know you might have had this experience and you agree with me that is not the best. It’s uncomfortable and can be embarrassing if your straps keep on falling off until other people can see them. If your straps are well adjusted and they still, it means they are too old and need to be replaced. If the other parts of the bra are okay, you can just get a new set of straps instead of buying a new bra.


3. Your bra is visibly old

You just have to observe and decide. Does your bra look worn out? Has it lost its colour and the edges are frayed? If you were caught in a situation whereby someone had to unbutton your blouse to save your life, would you be worried that they saw your bra? If yes, please replace that bra.

4. The band is too loose


The band can loosen up due to cleaning with hot water or if you have worn the bra for too long. If you are using the last hooks of your bra and it still doesn’t fit because it’s too loose, it’s time to get a new bra.

5. The cups are too big

Cups can seem big because your breasts have lost volume probably due to weight loss. If that is not the case for you and you notice that the bra cups are too big, it means they have stretched out due to old age.


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