5 things you do everyday that cause your boobs to sag

Reasons why your boobs might sag.

It can bring up insecurities such as low self-esteem.

The bright side of it however is that there are ways to prevent saggy breasts and you can find out here.

Before knowing how to prevent the saggy breasts however it is good to know what causes them in the first place.


Cigarettes aren’t only bad for your lungs but can also lead to saggy breasts. Smoking weakens and ages the skin which in turn decreases the blood supply to the skin surface.

Skipping sunscreen

Exposing your breasts to direct sunlight without sunscreen stretches out the collagen in your skin thus damaging it.

Weight gain and loss

Every time you gain or lose weight, the breast tissue tends to sag.

High impact workouts

According to some experts, certain repetitive motions caused by exercises can lead to a breakdown of collagen.

Unsupportive bras

Wear bras that fit properly. Also, ensure to wear bras for the right occasion.


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