Clear signs that you have been wearing the wrong bra size

The wrong size of bra affects your health

Bra size(Woman Magazine)

Wearing the wrong size of the bra is not only uncomfortable but can also cause back pain, neck pain and even affect your posture. And since we wear bras on a daily basis, there’s need to invest in a comfortable and well-fitting bra to avoid such problems.

People wear ill-fitting bras mostly because they do not know their size and thus end up choosing the wrong fit. Others do not know the signs to identify a well-fitting or ill-fitting bra. In this article, we are going to enlighten you so that you do not make the mistake of buying the wrong size of bra in the future.

If you have been doing these things, then clearly, you have been wearing the wrong bra size and you need to change for the sake of your comfort and health:

1. There is space in the cups

Girls with small boobies may opt for bras with larger cups to feign big boobs. But if that’s not the intention and you notice some space in between your skin and the cup, you need to go a size under in your next purchase. A bra should cover and hold your breast in place without leaving in space.

2. Your boobies are spilling

This shows that your bra is too small and can’t cover your ‘girls’ properly. The solution is to buy bras with a larger cup.

3. The straps dig into your skin

We have all seen it and it’s wrong. The right size should fit well without digging into the skin or making you seem like you have back fat.

4. You have to use the last hook

If you must use the last hook for your bra to fit, it’s too large for you. With a new bra, you should comfortably use the first hook and then proceed to the middle and finally to the last hook as the bra and the band get old and loose.

5. Your straps keep on falling

If your straps are well adjusted but they keep sliding and embarrassing you, it’s clear that it’s a wrong size. A smaller size will solve the problem.

6. The underwire hurts so bad

Bras might not be the most comfortable undergarments but they shouldn’t hurt. If your bra hurts and leaves bruises on your skin, you need to get a bigger size.

7. The band keeps on riding up

This happens when the band is too wide. You may not notice it when you wear it at first but during the day, it keeps on riding up.

8. Your bra curves up on your back

Again, the right bra size should fit perfectly without forming an arch on your back.

Do these signs sound familiar? If yes, find out your right size to avoid repeating the mistakes.


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