5 myths about sagging breasts you should stop believing

Breastfeeding does not cause saggy boobs

Sagging breast myths

Sagging breast is a big deal for women and if given a choice, every woman would want their breast to remain firm and perky irrespective of their age. Sadly, the breasts tend to become saggy with age and you cannot resist it. However, the ‘fallen soldiers’ sometimes come so early in life than we expected and it can be troubling.

When that happens, most people will scroll through pages on the internet trying to look for solutions for saggy boobs. Unfortunately, not everything you find is true and some remedies are mere myths that you should not even try because after all, they won’t work.

If someone tells you about these things or you read them somewhere, be very careful:

1. Sleeping in a bra prevents sagging

If you do not want your breast to sag, you might be told to always wear a bra – including when going to bed which is ridiculous. But people tend to be carried away by anything that claims to yield results. The truth is that wearing a bra will give you that desired look you want. But as soon as you remove the bra, your breast will go back to their ‘factory settings’.

However, wearing a good workout bra during exercise is important since strenuous exercise can stretch the breast tissue over time.

2. Breastfeeding causes the breast to sag

Unlike the popular belief that breastfeeding causes the breast to sag, it doesn’t. What actually causes your breast to sag is pregnancy. During pregnancy, your breasts increase in size which can make them sag. One thing you can do to reduce the sagging is watching your diet and weight during pregnancy since putting on a lot of weight during pregnancy makes it worse.

3. Exercising keeps breast from sagging

Let’s make this clear: breasts are made of fatty tissue and not muscles. As such, doing chest workouts have no impact on the firmness of your boobs. The only benefit is that chest muscles work on the area below your bust which can make your breast seem more attractive even if they are not necessarily fuller.

4. Small breast don’t sag

All breasts sag with time regardless of their size. The only difference is that bigger boobs tend to stretch further and thus sag more as compared to smaller boobs.

5. There’s nothing you can do to prevent sagging breast

All is not lost and there is still something you can do to prevent your breast from sagging or at least reduce the extent to which they sag. For instance, smoking has been found to affect collagen production hence affecting the elasticity of the skin. This in return causes your breast to sag. Among the things you can do to prevent sagging breast is quit smoking as well as maintaining a healthy weight.


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