Signs you could have anxiety disorder

You can’t sleep


We all get anxious at some point in life and it’s normal.

However, when your anxiety gets to extremes and starts interfering with your life activities, you could have developed an anxiety disorder. With early help, anxiety disorders can be managed.

If you are experiencing these signs, you should seek help before things get worse:

1. You worry too much

If you are worried about things that never used to worry you and if the worrying affects your concentration and thought process, it’s possible that you have an anxiety disorder.

2. Feeling restless

You can’t rely on this symptom alone to determine if you have an anxiety disorder. All the same, feeling the urge to move around every time is a common sign of anxiety disorder.

3. Insomnia

You can either have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. If you wake up at night only to remain awake for hours, it could be a sign of anxiety disorder. Although it’s not clear whether insomnia causes anxiety or the other way round, treating anxiety has been found to improve sleep.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue is a sign of many health conditions. Anxiety is sometimes accompanied by hyperactivity which causes fatigue. The fatigue could also be a result of insomnia.

5. Lack of concentration

You always feel distracted and you just can’t focus. Your performance at work or school also decreases as a result.

6. Perfectionism

Because you worry too much, you can’t afford to make a mistake. You fear to make wrong decisions and you end up taking so long before finally deciding.

7. Avoiding social events

You fear to be around people and think they will judge you. And you will do all you can to make sure that you stay away from social situations.


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