5 signs you're using too many skincare products

Less is more!

Signs you're using too many skincare products (Image Lisa a la mode)

It’s important to have a skincare routine that you follow religiously. The basics of a proper skincare regimen are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It’s important to try out different products before deciding on certain ones so as to find your holy grail products that totally work for your skin type. Once you find those products that never let you down, stick with them. Sometimes however, we find ourselves using way too many products, thinking that it’s what’s best for our skin. For instance, you will find some people using two moisturizers, different cleansers, exfoliating daily and what not. You may be thinking that your skin is getting the benefits from all the different products but the truth of the matter is that doing that could actually be doing more harm than good. That being said, here are signs that you’re using too many skin products and that you need to change your skincare routine:

1. You have rashes.

This is a huge indicator that something is not right. What you need to do is cut out some products, especially those that are scented as the added chemicals in them could be causing the rashes.

2. Your skin feels tight.

If your skin feels tight even after moisturizing, that’s a sign that the products you’re using are drying it out. Make sure you use a toner that works for your skin type and get products whose PH is balanced.

3. Exfoliating with more than one product.

There are many ways of exfoliating, spanning from using chemical-based products to DIY products. It can be easy sometimes to be tempted to use more than one product at once for better results but this only leads to irritation of the skin. In fact, you should only exfoliate at least once a month and not so often as per common belief. A huge sign of over-exfoliating is when your skin is shiny but not oily.

4. You have breakouts.

Zits and pimples are definitely another huge indicator that something is off. Sure, it could be an allergy or change in climate or your hormones acting up, but it could also be your skincare routine and piling up on products could be the reason. Using too many products, say more than one moisturizer could end up blocking the skin pores and leading to the breakouts.

5. You’re too oily.

Now, a lot of people with oily skin assume that they do not need to moisturize because they’re already oily but what happens when you fail to moisturize is that your skin overcompensates with sebum production because it thinks your skin is hydrated and you end up being super oily. This also happens when you use products that end up drying your skin. Do ensure that you’re using products that are meant for your skin type. 


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