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6 simple ways to lose baby weight after pregnancy

You don’t need to diet

Losing baby weight(sweettntmagazine)

Every woman wants to bounce back to their original body size and shape after delivering their bundle of joy. While that is possible, it does not always happen easily. Some women struggle with baby weight years after delivery. That, however, is not to say that it’s not doable.

Once you know the ‘how’ you will be good to get started. And in case you are worried about your little one, well you don’t have to do crazy things that would affect the baby. There are safer, easier and effective ways to do it without starving yourself or the baby.

Check out these easy tips and try them out:

1. Drink lots of fluid


One best way to help you shed weight is drinking fluids. It’s not only important for keeping hydrated but also fills you up thus preventing you from overeating. To know if you are drinking enough water, just check the color of your urine. If it’s dark, then you should drink more until it turns to almost clear.

2. Healthy snacks

If you are breastfeeding, you may feel hungry more often. Good enough, you don’t have to give up on snacking. You got to pick the healthy snacks though. Snack on healthy nuts and berries to fight your hunger pangs.


3. Get on the move

It’s clearly not about magic power here, or is it? In as much as we would all want to lose weight without exercising, it should be part of every weight loss journey. So do simple exercises, aerobics, jog or take walks when the baby is asleep. You could also take your baby with you for the walk so that it doesn’t become boring.

4. Breastfeed

Forget about all the crazy stories about saggy boobs. You are now a mom and you have another life to look after. Unless you have health problems, it’s advisable to nurse your baby. It plays a role in burning some extra calories as well.

5. Sleep


With a baby around, it can become things can really get crazy. Lots of chores to be done, baby crying or they just can’t fall asleep. But try and sleep at least seven hours each day. Inadequate sleep only adds translates to more weight.

6. Eat small but many portions of food

Don’t skip some meals only to eat one large meal at a certain time. Instead, eat small portions after every few hours. This way, you will have energy and enough nutrients to feed the baby. Also, you be full like all through and there is no point you will have to overeat.


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