Apparently, you can tell your skin type using tissue – and this method has been there for a while.

Top international beauty magazine Instyle, laid out a step by step routine of this skin type finding method.

First things first. Wash your face with a cleanser to remove all the dirt, oil and makeup from your face.

Using a dry towel, pat your face down.

Leave your face bare for about an hour. Do not moisturize. Avoid touching your face as well.

After an hour, take a large piece of tissue paper and dab your face with it.

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Types of skin

Normal skin – No signs of oil on the tissue paper

Dry skin – No oil on the tissue paper but your face feels tight and is flaky

Oily skin – Tissue is oily and your face looks shiny especially on the nose, forehead and cheeks.

Combination skin – Your face is oily around the T-zone area (the forehead, nose and chin) while other areas of your skin are dry.

Of course, the most sure way to know your skin type is by consulting a dermatologist but it wouldn't hurt to know how to do it yourself at home.

Try it out and tell us if it worked for you.