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Sneaky ways to quickly fix your chipped nail polish

Nail hacks

Fixing chipped manicure

If you are bothered by chipped nail polish like me, then you know how troubled you can get when you have no time to fix it. You might prefer to remove the nail polish altogether than show up to work or an important event with chipped nail polish. Luckily though, there are few tricks you can use to fix the problem.

Instead of removing your nail polish and redoing it again just because it’s slightly chipped, try these tricks to hide it:

1. Glitters


Got glitters? You are good to go. You will have a new look altogether which might be even better than what you had before while covering your chipped nail polish.

2. French nails trick

In most cases, the nail polish chips at the tips of your nails. If this is the case, why not do French nails, huh? Using a different colour of nail polish, paint the tips of your nails to achieve a perfect French nail look.


3. Polka dots

This is an easy one too but you need to be careful not to mess up. All you need to do is paint small dots on top of your nail polish using different nail polish. If your chipped nail polish is red, for instance, you can paint the dots using white nail polish.

4. Stripes

Just like with polka dots, simply draw stripes using a different colour for a new look. Make sure you do this on all the nails even the ones that are not chipped.


5. Patch it up

You have to be very careful with this method lest you end up with smudged nail polish – which is no better than chipped nail polish. Carefully apply a thin layer of nail polish on the chipped area then finish with a topcoat.


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