Unusual ways you get them without having sex

Having unprotected sex isn't the only way STDs are contracted. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are bacteria as well as viruses meaning they can thrive almost anywhere.

1. Moist Towels

Repeatedly sharing moist towels is a fast way to contract STDs, because the viruses/bacteria thrive on them, they live longer on moist towels so warm or wet towels are no nos. Using moist towels has been associated to one of the most common STDs; Trichomoniasis which comes in form of a funny smelling vagina discharge.

Stay safe and don't ever share towels.

2. Lipsticks, Lipbalm

Sharing lipsticks and lipbalms is another way to get STDs. It's not advisable or hygienic to share lipwears especially if the tube has to be pressed against the lips, in such cases a q-tip or lip brush should be used (even this doesn't protect against STDs).

The tendency of someone with a cold sore or mouth thrush using it places the next person who does too at risk.

3. Sharp objects (blades)

Sharing sharp objects is a common way STDs are transferred from a person to the other. Sharing blades, scissors have been linked to HIV.

4. Kissing

Kissing is another way STDs are transferred because body fluid are usually exchanged in this act of intimacy. (One person can transfer oral thrush for instance to the other and this could be incubate STDs)

5. Keeping Beards

Studies show a lot of men who keep beards are prone to STDs as the area create a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Beards have features of pubic hair.

Sharing the toilet is also a way to contract STD.


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