5 surprising causes of UTI every woman should know

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UTI causes(Thriving Blog)

If you are a woman over 25 years and have never suffered a UTI, consider yourself lucky. Very lucky indeed!

UTIs are quite common among women in their childbearing age. And they are pretty annoying.

They make you want to visit the bathroom after every few minutes but you end up peeing some drops. And the peeing too can be hell on earth. It burns and you curse every moment your bladder feels full. But what’s even more annoying is recurrent UTIs. You get treated but they come back again a few months after.

By now you must already know that some of the causes of UTI include wiping wrongly after using the bathroom, not peeing after sex and also sharing a toilet. But ever wondered why you are still getting UTIs even after learning how to wipe correctly and using the toilet with so much caution? That’s because there are other causes of UTI that you probably didn’t know. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Dehydration

Water water water! To flush out toxins from your system, you must drink water. Same case when it comes to flushing out bacteria from your urinary tract. Whether it’s hot or cold, ensure you are always hydrated.

2. Holding your urine

The more you hold your urine, the more you allow bacteria time to rest and reproduce in your urinary tract. Each time you have the urge to pee, just do it to avoid holding bacteria in your system.

3. Diabetes

If you have recurrent UTIs, you should also have your blood sugar examined. Diabetic people are more prone to UTIs and other infections that are related to urine.

4. Medications

Certain drugs such as antihistamines cause your body to retain urine. Any bacteria present thus gets time to multiply in your urinary tract.

5. Underwear

You already know that your underwear should be cotton. Besides that, tight underwear compresses bacteria into your system. Also, some type of underwear may transfer bacteria from your anal region to the vagina. This may happen easily during exercise. 


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