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Is your makeup expired? Here's how to know

Expired make up can cause skin irritation

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We tend to be very careful with the expiry dates of food products. But when it comes to makeup, we easily forget that makeup also has an expiry date. And using expired makeup can easily ruin your skin. Most makeup products usually have the expiry date on them although most of us never notice or never bother much about it.

Apart from checking out the expiry date on your makeup and other cosmetics, below are some signs to watch out for to know if they are expired:

1. The smell is off


If you are keen enough, you can always tell when your makeup smell is off or when the smell has changed. For instance, if your makeup used to have a lovely scent and now has a foul smell, it could be a signal that you need to replace it.

2. It irritates your skin

By the time a product is getting to this point, it means it’s past the expiry date and you should trash it ASAP.

3. The texture has changed


This is common with lipstick and nail polish. The good thing about these two is that they can go for up to two years. If you notice that the texture of your favourite lippie has changed and even application is proving to be hectic, then its time to change it.

4. Your liquid makeup has clumps

Liquid makeup should never have clumps and it’s usually a sign of bacterial growth. Once you notice bumps or clumps in your makeup, it means that it could be expired already.


5. The colour has changed

In most cases, a change in colour is almost a sure sign that your makeup has expired. In fact, it shows that there’s bacteria growth in your makeup which is making it change the colour.


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