Is coconut oil really good for your face? Here’s the plain truth

It’s not for everyone

Coconut oil

There is all this hype on the internet about going all-natural. People are going for natural hair products and are also opting for organic skincare products. Although coconut oil has been used for ages for skin and hair, people are going back to their roots and we have more people using it now.

But the question is; is coconut oil really good for your face? There’s been a debate on whether you should use it on your face or not. In this article, we try to shed the light and make it clear for you once and for all.

Benefits of coconut oil

First, we would like to state that coconut oil has several proven benefits which explain its popularity among beauty lovers. It is believed that coconut oil helps in fighting dandruff and promoting healthy hair growth. You can also use it as a conditioner for your hair.

When it comes to skincare, coconut is used for makeup removal, cleanser, and it also acts as a perfect lip balm. For chapped lips, it does a great job in healing them. Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, some people use it for various skin conditions such as acne.

The downside of coconut oil for your face

While coconut oil is great at doing all the above, more research still needs to be done in the area. Well, you might still use coconut oil on your hair and other parts of your body but when it comes to your face, you should be a little more careful. This more so if your skin is prone to acne and breakouts.

Coconut oil is one of the thicker oils that do not get absorbed into the skin easily. That means it just sits on your face hence clogging your pores. As you might already know, when the pores on your skin get clogged with dirt and oils, your skin breaks. This is what is likely to happen when someone with oily and acne-prone skin applies a layer of coconut oil on their face.

Bottom line

So, should you use coconut oil on your face? If your skin is dry and not prone to acne, you might be safe. However, if you tend to break out more often, then you might need to test it first as it is the only way you can know if it will work for you.

There are people who swear by the oil’s ability to deal with acne. You might be one of them since our skins react differently. The best thing to do is play a game of chance to know if it’s good for your skin before incorporating it in your daily skin regimen.


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