5 things to put in mind before procuring an abortion

Choose wisely

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On whether abortion should be legalized in Kenya is a debate that would take God knows how long before reaching a common ground. That, however, does not change the fact that people still do it secretly. Worse of it, people seek the service from quacks. That’s why cases of botched abortions are no longer news.

While some situations may drive you into procuring an abortion, you need to think about it carefully beforehand. Before you have it done, consider these things and weigh your options:

1. Who you tell

Abortion is still such a sensitive topic in Kenya. Choose who you talk to wisely or only talk to the medics. You will be victimized for doing it and even people who have no idea what led you to it will be the first to badmouth you.

2. Choice of clinics

Desperate moments call for desperate measures but cheap is also expensive. Quacks are all over and while their services may be relatively cheap, some put your life in danger. You better pay more and leave the clinic alive and safe.

3. Type of abortion

You can either have the pill or surgery form of abortion. In most cases, the choice highly depends on how far your pregnancy has come. Have your doctor talk to you candidly about both options before you make up your mind. Inducing an abortion at home is something you should never try.

4. Size of the fetus

The earlier, the better. The bigger the fetus, the more the risk of complications. So if you are already five months pregnant, you probably should reconsider your decision to have an abortion.

5. Your conscience

Are you able to do it without a sense of guilt? Or will you live with a guilty conscience for the rest of your life?

Whatever choice you will make, make it wisely. Take your time to think about it and seek counsel from people who truly care.


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