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Third trimester struggles every woman who has been pregnant understands

3rd trimester challenges

Sick pregnant woman(Medical News Today)

Every stage in pregnancy has its challenges. While most women will not be experiencing morning sickness, nausea, and are excited that the due date is approaching during the third trimester, this stage has a set of its own challenges. You would expect that things will be easier after all you went through during the first trimester but things don’t get any easier.

While each woman has a different experience, every woman who has been pregnant can at least attest to some of these common struggles during the third trimester:

1. Longer days and nights


You are just a few weeks to the due date but the problem is that time seems to have stopped. All you want is to get that baby but everything is so slow. It seems like it’s the longest trimester.

2. You want to sleep but you can’t

By this time, your baby bump is too huge and finding a comfortable sleeping position is a real struggle. It’s even worse if your baby is more active at night.

3. Backaches are the order of the day


Thanks to the extra pounds and your bulging belly, you have to bear with back pains from time to time.

4. Your tummy is always on your way, like literally

It obstructs you from doing almost everything. Some simple things such as bending to put on your shoes or oil your feet become a real struggle.


5. You miss sleeping on your belly

Because you have been sleeping on your sides all through, all you look forward to is the day you shall finally be able to lie down on your belly.

6. Countless visits to the bathroom

You can’t even count the number of times you visit the bathroom in a day because well, they are too many.


7. Shaving down there is a nightmare

Like you just can’t because anyway, you can no longer see your pubic area without the help of a mirror. If you don’t have a helper, you either deal with a bush or you risk getting razor cuts.

8. Everything is exhausting

Whether it’s taking a walk, cooking, or even something as simple as cutting your toenails, nothing is easy anymore. Even showering leaves you exhausted.


9. Clothes no longer fit

By this time, you have a very limited option when it comes to clothes. All you care for now is getting something that fits.

10. Eating problems

It’s either you are starving or you don’t want to eat at all.


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