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You need this easy DIY anti-wrinkle face mask in your life

Home made face masks are life!

Egg and potato face mask (Khichi Beauty)

No, seriously. Sometimes we spend so much money buying beauty products that are hyped up for nothing. They’re expensive and they don’t really end up doing the job.

A lot of natural ingredients contain a tone of nutrients and vitamins and can be great for beauty purposes. Women in older generations used these ingredients for many years and most still swear by them. It’s always important to note though, that with many DIY projects, it’s always a case of trial and error. Try at your own risk and if your skin reacts to the DIY, discontinue. Some people have sensitive skin that’s prone to reactions. So anyway, we will show you how to make an anti-aging/anti-wrinkle face mask and you will only need two easy to find ingredients; potatoes and an egg.

Egg contains vitamin A which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The astringent in it also helps to shrink large pores as well as tighten and make the skin firm. Potatoes can do wonders for your skin as they contain vitamin B, vitamin C, iron and calcium. Using potato on your skin helps with hyperpigmentation, pimples, blemishes, etc., and leaves your skin clear and smooth. These two ingredients are all you need to help make your skin firm.



1.Peel one big potato and grate it, then strain the potato juice by putting the grated potato on a light cloth and squeezing out the juice into a bowl. You could also extract the potato juice using a sieve.

2.Once you have squeezed out as much juice as possible, let it settle for a few hours since you’re going to use the residue that settles at the bottom and not the actual juice. This residue is the potato starch.

3.Now, take your egg. You will only use the egg white for this recipe. To separate the egg white from the yolk, simply crack your egg with something, then put half of the white into the bowl and then transfer the yolk into the empty shell which you’ve already emptied, so that now you can empty the other half egg white.

4.Now that you have prepared the two ingredients, you need to extract the starch by slowly emptying the potato juice into another bowl, so that you remain with only the residue that has already settled. Give the starch a little mix and then measure two tablespoons of the potato starch and two tablespoons of the egg white and mix it up with a fork and your mask will be ready.


5.Take a clean makeup brush and apply this mix all over your face and let it sit for 30 minutes, before rinsing it off with warm water and patting your skin dry. Then apply your moisturizer and toner as usual. Do this 2-3 times a week for best results.

Also, do not store the extract in the fridge. Always use fresh ingredients each time you make the mask. So, try this and see if you will see a significant change in your face, now won’t you?

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