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15 types of hairstylists you find in Kenyan salons

Hairstylist wako ni type gani?

Hairdresser (mdhairmixtress)

Most of us have been to different salons to have our hair done. Even those who now have a specific hairstylist can bear witness that before they found that stylist, their hair had been through different hands.

Particularly in Kenyan salons, you get to meet different types of stylists. And even though you might not have come across all these types, maybe you have met at least three or five of them.

1. The ‘make money fast’ type


This salonist doesn’t care so much about the final look of the style. They are just there to make quick money. If they are plaiting your hair and another client who needs blow-drying shows up, they leave you first and attend to you after finishing with the blow-dry client.

2. The sick one

This one either has a cold or stomach issues. They will be sneezing and coughing all through and you have no doubt that by the time you are leaving, you will also be sick.

3. The rough one


My God, this is the worst! To make matters worse, most of them are also rude. They tilt your head like a machine, burn your ears when heat styling your hair and scratch you with their long nails. Try say a word and you will have a lecture you will never forget.

4. The late one


You will agree to meet at 9 am and they will show up two hours later. They will come running and panting giving all sorts of explanations just so that you forgive them.

5. The hungry one

This one always has some mandazis, tea, fries or chapati. They just can’t work without eating.

6. Includes you in her conversations


Whether you like it or not, this type cannot let you enjoy your silence. They make sure they involve you in every conversation they have with other people. They will be like, “Customer hata wewe unaona hiyo kama ni vizuri kweli?”(Customer, do you really think that’s good?)

7. The unfriendly one

However much you try to befriend them, you can’t hack it. They are there to do their job but not to make friends.

8. The hustler


This one cannot stand to see clients go to another salon. They will be calling passers-by asking if they want their hair done. When they are doing your hair, they will also request if you can be their regular customer and if you can also refer your friends.

9. Always on their phone

They are either responding to text messages from time to time or on a long unending phone call.


10. The amateur

They are not sure of what they are doing and they are literally experimenting their skills with your hair.

11. The slow one

They might be good at what they do but what’s the point if you have to spend three days to get your hair done?


12. Tells it all

By the time you are leaving the salon, you will have known that they are married to a man from Coast, have five children and that they have the worst mother in law. This one tells you things that you don’t even need to know.

13. The perfectionist

This one tries their best to bring out everything perfectly. They will plait one line and undo it if they feel it’s not perfect enough. They are super careful and want to make sure that the client is completely satisfied.


14. The expert

This is no ordinary stylist. They know so much about hair health and will advise where necessary. They will tell you which products to use to stop hair breakage and get rid of dandruff.

15. The nice one

They are friendly, kind and do their job with passion and professionalism. Like, you cannot blame them for anything.


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