Aside from lips, here are other 5 unique things to do with Vaseline

This over 140year’s old off the counter petroleum is perfect for many reasons, some unusual yet best product for your everyday routine. It is a mixture of mineral oils and natural waxes.

Sexy lips

Whether it’s chapped lips or dry elbows, Vaseline is the first product you reach out for.

By having a tub of this in your home you've got the makings of a medicinal cure-all mixed with a handyman fix-all.

Here are some of the ways you can this beauty care product

5. Keep perfume longer

Rub Vaseline on your pulse: inside of the wrist, cleavage, behind your neck then spray your perfume on the points.

This will help your perfume stay.

4. Cleaning leather

Wipe your leather shoes with Vaseline! I know right.

Vaseline will brighten your leather shoes. Rub a dull pair of shoes with Vaseline, then swipe. Then rub with clean cloth.

3. Remove gum

The horror of glum sticking on your cloth or your child comes home with gum on their hair is unexplainable!

Say goodbye to the grief with Vaseline, the jelly’s greasy nature will disintegrate in the surface: apply Vaseline then rub or hair: apply small amount and rub gently till gum comes out.

2. Cracked feet

Have cracked feet? Vaseline heals the cracks and makes your feet softer. You can use also on your elbows.

Apply on your feet at night, and then wear socks. After a couple of weeks you will notice the difference.

1. Squeakiness

Squeaky door or window? Vaseline is the to-go-to very effective lubricant.

Just apply a layer on the hinges and say goodbye to the squeaky annoying sounds.


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