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Surprising Ways to protect yourself from common colds this cold season

Staying warm is not enough

How to keep off common colds(Shutterstock)

When July comes knocking, you know that it won’t just be about the cold. Even though colds are still common in other months of the year, they tend to be more common in July which remains to be the coldest month of the year in Kenya.

Contrary to the popular belief that cold weather causes cold, it does not. Rather, Rhinovirus, the most common virus that causes common colds replicates better in cold temperatures. Studies show that one must come into contact with the virus and being cold is not enough to make one sick.

So, you will not only need to dress warmly and eat foods that keep you warm but also ensure you avoid things that can make you catch a cold or flu.

By now, you already know that you shouldn’t hug or kiss someone with the viral infectious disease. But there are some more ways you probably didn’t know which you can use to ward off the cold:


1. Wash your hands frequently

If you only wash your hands after visiting the bathroom, you will need to do better to protect yourself from catching a cold. Your hands collect germs from various surfaces and if there is an infected person around you, you can easily get infected. The Centre for Disease and Prevention Control advises that you should wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

2. Keep your hands to yourself

You don’t have to hug someone to contract the viral infection. Even a mere handshake can make you sick. While using the stairs or the escalator, avoid using the railings as much as you can. And if you can’t, make sure you clean your hands after that.


3. Stop biting your nails

If you have this habit, you are more likely to catch a cold because you transfer bacteria from your hands to your mouth. Just stop since it’s impossible to keep your hands clean 24/7.

4. Keep your surroundings clean


Your laptop, your working table, doorknobs, and even your phone are breeding surfaces for germs. Clean them more often during the cold season and sanitize them to avoid catching a cold.

5. Avoid touching your face

How many times do you touch your face in a day? You can’t even tell because you do it over and over unknowingly. Now, if your hands have already gotten into contact with the virus that causes the common cold and you touch your face, chances of you getting it are quite high.

6. Getting the right nutrients


If you get the right nutrients, your immune system won’t let you down during the cold season. While most people only think that vitamin C is the most important nutrient to ward off colds, there are more nutrients you should consider. In fact, research shows that while vitamin C may reduce the duration and the severity, it won’t protect you from the cold per se. Zinc and vitamin D have also been found to aid in the prevention of common colds.


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