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7 weird things about your boobs that are totally normal

Don't worry

things about your boobs that are normal(Tara Anchel ND)

It’s okay to question if your boobs and nipples are normal. The truth is that some of the things you worry about your boobs are completely normal and they shouldn’t really bother you. There is nothing like perfect boobs or a standard way to determine what’s normal.

Here are some weird things about your boobs that are completely normal:

1. Hairy nipples


This is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about it. Actually, almost every girl has some hair around their nipples. However, if the hair is too much, it could be due to hormonal imbalance and you need to see a doctor.

2. You have inverted nipples

Instead of pointing outwards, some nipples are pulled inwards into the breasts. If it has always been like that, you don’t need to worry about it. But if it changes when you are an adult, you need to seek help as it could be a sign of breast cancer.

3. Lumpy boobs


We have all heard that lumps are usually a sign of breast cancer. But this is not always the case. Most women will have lumps due to hormonal changes or depending on the time of the month. Unless the lump hurts badly and won’t disappear, you should not worry about them.

4. Different size

Just like the male testicles, your breasts will are different in size. This should not bother you at all.


5. Large nipples

Different women have different breast sizes. The nipples are also different in size and there is no standard size considered as normal. If you feel like yours are larger than what you have seen in other women, just learn to love them as they are.

6. Bumpy nipples

The bumps are just glands that secrete oils to prevent your nipples from getting chapped.

7. Sore breast


Your boobs can get sore due to hormonal changes. If your periods are on the way, your boobs may hurt. Another reason why boobs get sore is pregnancy.


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