Why showering could be killing your Libido

Reasons why you should boycott showering before your next date.

Why showering could be killing your sex drive (The Healthy)

So we’ve heard of foods that kill your sex drive or being too tired to be able to get it on but rarely do we hear about showering being a sex drive killer.

Yeah, so apparently not showering actually increases your sexual attraction and these are the three reasons why.

Showering too much

When it comes to showering, overdoing it strips your body of its natural oils thus leaving your skin looking dehydrated and it becomes rough as well.

The type of soap you use

Exposure to triclosan, which is an ingredient found in anti-bacterial soaps, has actually been linked to a decrease in the sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen thus a lower sex drive.

This is according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It can get rid of your natural scent

Yes there are people out there that get turned on when their partner does not take a shower. This could be because of their natural scent which is very important in sexual attraction.

Olfactory expert (specializing in smell) Rachel Herz says: “Our natural body odor is the representation of our immune system genes and women use their noses to choose their ‘correct’ biological mate to ensure maximum fertility and child health.”

Therefore adding any form of artificial scent “fools” your partner or any potential partner and seeing that your natural scent has been “scientifically proven to provide subconscious clues as to who we are and who we belong with” then not showering makes complete sense in this case.

Therefore you could just ditch the shower all together and embrace your natural scent.

If you still feel a bit self-conscious about not using any form of scent on you, you could try dabbing some essential oils onto your wrist which “should help enhance your own feelings of attractiveness without disrupting anything, including your hormones”.


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