Reasons your partner won't tell you they have an STD

Would you tell your partner that you have an STD?

Why your partner will not tell you they have an STD (Courtesy)

Talking about an STD with your partner is not a simple thing. How do you tell your bae that you have a sexually transmitted disease and you could potentially transfer it to them? Yikes. Talk about a hard topic to take on. But, it’s very necessary to do it since it’s unfair to put your partner at a risk of getting the disease. But, why do people fail to tell their partner this important piece of information? Well, we will tell you.

1. They do not know that they have an STD.

Many people do not really go for testing for STDs. A majority of us will simply get tested for HIV and that’s it. The sad fact about this is that some STDs have a lengthy incubation period and in fact, some do not even show symptoms or take forever before the symptoms begin to appear. Because of that, your partner could have an STD but is not aware and if they’re not aware then they cannot tell you anything.

2. They are embarrassed and afraid of being judged.

It’s never easy to tell anyone that you have an STD! How do you bring it up, where do you start? Because of this reason, it’s not always easy to tell your partner that you have the STD. It could start a lot of relationship problems and some people are afraid of that.

3. They don’t know that the STD is contagious.

You may think, that simply because you’re having oral sex, your partner will not be exposed to the STD. However, it’s necessary to mention that most STDs indeed can be transmitted orally as well, be it through a blow job or even kissing.

4. They don’t have any visible signs.

As aforementioned, for some people, symptoms may not even appear or may appear after a really long time after exposure; so they may not be aware that they have an STD.

5. They intentionally want to pass it on to you.

There are some cruel people in this world. Some people will sleep with you, knowing very well that they have an STD simply because they want to be revengeful or spiteful. It’s a cold world out there. The best thing you can do is always insist on protected sex and constantly get tested to ensure that you’re safe.


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