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Story time redefined - Cadbury's gift of connection & wonder

Cadbury's journey to bring families together through storytelling

Lorna Kamemba Senior Category Brand Manager Chocolates and Biscuits ROA (Rest of Africa) Cadbury Kenya,  Richard Oduor – Publisher at Sisi Afrika and Tatiana Karanja - digital content creator.

Cadbury in Nairobi launched an exciting initiative, the Give a 'Generous Voice Story Time' campaign, aimed at bringing families closer together through the joy of storytelling.

The campaign, supported by key thought leaders on early child education, unveiled a homegrown audio library that allows families to enjoy story time with their loved ones.

In a recent survey, it was revealed that two-thirds of parents feel the need to spend more quality time with their kids, but the fast-paced nature of life often limits these opportunities.


Cadbury's initiative seeks to address this challenge by making storytime more accessible and enjoyable through the magic of audio stories.

Langa Khanyile, Mondelez ROA (Rest of Africa) Marketing Lead, emphasized Cadbury's commitment to generosity and bringing people together.

Over the past three years, Cadbury has curated a digital library of 150 relatable children's stories.

Now, they aim to add African voices to this library, ensuring that children across the continent can continue to enjoy the enchantment of story time.


Parents are already experiencing the endless benefits of reading with their children. Caroline Mutoko, a mother of two, attested to how story time has strengthened her bond with her kids and fostered a love for reading from a young age.

Beyond the joy it brings, storytelling has numerous advantages. Sleep therapists highlight its positive impact on children's sleep quality.

Furthermore, it aids memory development, reading skills, school grades, and social-emotional skills, as noted by Lunar Odawa, a psychologist working with children in Kenya.


The Cadbury digital library of Homegrown audio stories not only introduces children to new experiences and concepts but also revitalizes the celebration and promotion of African culture.

By expanding their imagination and broadening their beliefs of what is possible, these stories will leave a lasting impact.

Moreover, Cadbury encourages everyone to join in and share the magic of story time. Through their website or at the Cadbury Generosity Story Time Studio, individuals can record themselves narrating a story and contribute to the collection.

The Story Time Studio will be visiting various malls from June to August 2023, providing a unique opportunity for families to participate.


Cadbury is excited to witness the positive impact of this initiative and looks forward to seeing families create special moments together through the power of storytelling.

Watch out for the dates and updates on Cadbury's social media platforms.


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