5 reasons not to date a Nyeri woman

Would you date a Nyeri woman?

For a little refresher, there was a time when women from Nyeri were making headlines for “teaching’ their husbands a lesson by beating them up and some going as far as chopping off their men’s private parts.

Granted that not all women from Nyeri behave this way, those stories definitely amplified the Nyeri woman’s aggressive and strong willed perception in the public.

Here are some of the reasons that Plive.co.ke gathered as to why men would not necessarily be inclined to dating a Nyeri woman.

1.They are violent

As mentioned earlier, some Nyeri women made headlines when they became violent towards their partners.

This gave the perception that Nyeri women are violent and result to drastic measures when you wrong them.

2.Their independence may seem threatening

Nyeri women have grown up learning how to take care of themselves and can barely stand a man that cannot stand his ground – that could probably be the reason why they may feel the need to “teach” their men a lesson when they do wrong.

Being independent is not a bad thing at all but for some men the Nyeri woman’s independence might overshadow the man’s thus causing problems in the house hold.

It is good to note that Nyeri women will do absolutely anything to make sure that they maintain their independence.

Or maybe it could just mean that some of those men just cannot handle an independent Nyeri woman.

3.They are aggressive

As in the point above, Nyeri women have learnt from a very early stage to take care of their own so it goes without saying that they will defend their own when need be.

This might make them come off as aggressive or argumentative to some people.

4.They are secretive

Apparently Nyeri women are believed to be controlling because majority of them choose to keep certain things such as their bank account details private from their spouses.

They may be active in chamas and their husbands will never see even a shilling from that chama.

5.They are controlling

Some men may feel threatened by the Nyeri woman’s take-charge attitude which is one of their strongest attributes.

It is important to note though that the Nyeri women that made headlines for beating their husbands did so because their husbands were either drunkards, cheaters or idlers that were not adding any value to their households - you could surely understand their frustration.

This goes to tell us that Nyeri women are definitely not to be messed with and do not just take what you throw at them with open arms. They know their worth and will strive hard to make sure that they are not pushed around.


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