6 clever ways to save money this Easter

Your wallet will thank you.

 Take time and budget for your Easter.

It’s that time of the year when set vacations are doubled in prices, gifts border bourgeois and don't even get me started on restaurant prices.  Well, no need to take a loan from your savings come next week Tuesday, here are 6 ways you can save up on money this Easter.

1. Eat at home

If you’ve been brought up around the older generation then you’ve probably mastered the rule of eating before heading out to any event. This will help prevent excess spending on expensive junks with the boys. While everyone is craving pizza, you’ll be fine munching on a samosa instead.

2. Ask friends to chip in

Are you hosting friends over for Easter, don’t be ashamed to ask them to chip in. It’s an expensive affair to feed a group of people, requesting a chip in or asking friends to come over with readymade food to share will not only make it easier for you to offer more but it will also bring a closer connection between your buddies.

3. Holiday sales

Check your favorite stores and vacation planners for Easter offers, you are bound to get great ideas of places you can visit at really great prices. Also, coupons and sales on your shopping are always a welcome bonus.

4. Free events

There are always open events you can check out during this long holiday weekend. From poetry slums to Easter sermons, heck, you could even take walk to your home town orphanage and chill with children.


Just like you would a vacation, take time and budget for your Easter. Put everything into consideration from your transport money to just how much you want to spend on booze. Taking out anyone? Research on places you can take them beforehand so that you anticipate just how much will be going out of your wallet.

6. Reuse Easter accessories

No need to buy a new basket, just revamp and reuse last years’ items for this year’s Easter. I don’t think anyone will remember after 365 days just what colour your easter eggs were.


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