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10 crazy house help habits employers might not know

From eating your child's food, gossiping about you & relieving themselves in the kitchen, house helps sometimes do crazy things that employers are not aware of.

A house help on duty

In households across Kenya and many parts of the world, house helps play an integral role in maintaining the smooth functioning of homes. Predominantly occupied by women, this profession also has male representation.

However, amidst their dedicated services, there are certain peculiar behaviors and habits exhibited by some housekeepers that often go unnoticed by their employers.

It's important for families to be aware of these habits to ensure a harmonious household environment and healthy relationships with their hired domestic help.


One concerning habit that a few house helps may display is taking out their frustrations on the children when they have issues with their employers.

They might end up shouting, or even physically harming them through slaps and canning.

This behavior can have a significant impact on the emotional well-being of the children and the overall household atmosphere.


In some instances, house help may showcase a stark contrast in behavior towards the children based on whether the employer is present or not.

While appearing friendly and nice when the employer is around, they may act cold or indifferent when left alone with the children.

A troubling habit seen in a few house helps is consuming the food intended for the children in the household.


This act of consuming the children's meals not only deprives them of proper nutrition but also raises concerns about their well-being.

Employers should communicate regularly with their children to confirm whether they ate or not.

House helps sometimes assign house chores to the children in the absence of their employers.

While it is important for children to learn responsibility, the tasks delegated should be appropriate for their age and capabilities.


Employers should communicate with the house help about the boundaries of assigning chores to children.

Equally alarming is the habit of some house helps trying to turn the children against their employers by speaking ill of them.

This behavior can create a toxic environment within the household and strain relationships.


Open communication with the children is vital to understand their perspective and address any concerns they may have.

Another concerning habit is house helps gossiping about their employers with neighbors and friends.

They give out private information about how things run in your household, what they think you're not doing right, and the progress of every project you have.

This not only breaches privacy but can also lead to misunderstandings and strain relationships within the community.


House helps sometimes take advantage of their position by taking home items belonging to their employers, such as food, clothes, or household items.

Employers need to maintain an inventory and ensure that their belongings are not being misused or taken without permission.


In some instances, house helps may engage in inappropriate behavior, such as wearing revealing clothing or acting seductively in front of the male members of the household.

This can create tension and discomfort within the family. Employers should address such behaviors promptly and set clear guidelines regarding appropriate conduct.

Engaging in conversations about the husband's day and providing emotional support can create an undue emotional bond between the house help and the employer's spouse.

The two might even develop a relationship under your nose.


Some house helps may go beyond their role and serve the husband in a flirtatious or overly attentive manner when the employer is not around. Such actions can jeopardise harmony within the household.

Awareness of these habits can lead to better management and understanding between employers and their house helps.


The latest trend revolves around a shocking incident involving a house help relieving herself in the kitchen.

This bizarre act was captured on CCTV, revealing her intentions to use the tainted contents to prepare tea for her employer's husband in an attempt to win his affection.


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