Rock fans can literally dress to kill

Rock music adherents are the trendiest set of folks who like to keep it fresh on an outing.

This is due to its gothic form of expression, possibly a reason why it harbours fans who like to dress to kill.

The whole concept of the brand is alien to Nigerians who see it as inspiring eccentric ideologies, discouraging them from exploring its identity. Unknown to the nonchalant observers, rock promotes to a great length a high taste of fashion as exhibited by fans who attended the third edition of the annual festival, Rocktoberfest.

Held at the Freedom Park, Lagos on Saturday, October 28, 2017, the event saw in attendance adherents who have been aching to attend the gig since the beginning of the year. No wonder a bunch of them dress like it was celebration day in heaven, or hell considering that the genre is often regarded as devil's music.

If one can look past the deep dark eye shadow and the menacing tattoos, one will discover that these category of people are the trendiest of beings. They can keep it Mark Zuckerberg simple in their black top with a fierce inscription and still look awesome. And when they decide to go WWF Undertaker on you, they keep it fresh and classy.

It is cool to them - the painted face and metal ring infested fingers that gives them a touch of the mystical appearance that characterized the ancient Druids.

The colour black is a regular choice for these uniquely wired type of individuals who are absolutely relaxed in their mysterious enclave where only like minds can relate.

Despite their 'oddity', they pack a mean punch when it concerns expressing their affiliation to the sparsely patronized genre called rock, making sure to look good in the process.


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