Fashion trends that took over 2018

Which of these was your favorite?


One thing that’s for sure is that Kenyans definitely got the fashion memo and kept up with the trends. While there was a tone of new trends, some definitely dominated. Fashion designers such as one Virgil Abloh had a huge year, with his brand, Off-White taking over the fashion world with literally everyone and their mother wearing Off-White outfits. Apart from that, here are other fashion trends that circled the 2018 fashion sphere.

1. Berets.

The iconic Parisian hat came in many designs and colors and I must admit that Kenyans definitely got the ‘How to wear a Beret’ memo. However, this was one of the trends that was definitely overdone and should probably take a much-needed break next year. Oh and guys, remember it’s beh-ray not be-re-t. Stay woke, won’t you?

2. Matrix/clout/retro glasses.

This year was all about tiny stylish sunglasses, again, a trend that picked up really fast and that was worn by both young (and the not so young) men and women quite effortlessly.

3. Fanny packs, also known as bum bags.

This was one of those blast from the past that came back in the most fashion-ey way. Bum bags came in different designs and sizes and were styled differently, from being draped over the shoulder as a cross body bag to being worn over a blazer as a high waist belt bag, to the usual waist bag. Formerly, we would only see mama mboga’s wear the bag. Who knew that it could be one of the biggest trends of 2018? It’s practical, especially for airport style and while attending concerts or for when you need easy access to something like your phone, while keeping your hands free to do other things. So, can we please keep the bum bag?

4. Oversized jackets.

You could not walk in the streets of Nairobi or attend an event without spotting someone rocking an oversized jacket, be it a blazer or even a denim jacket.

5. Bralettes paired with palazzo pants.

Bralettes have been there for a while, albeit, they were really big this year. Ladies mostly styled their lace, satin or crochet bralettes with high waisted pants or palazzo pants and that ensemble was quite a look! Revealing, but not too revealing - a little peek-a-boo if you know what we mean.

6. Side slit pants.

While this trend didn’t really take off as much, it was quite common at the beginning of the year. Who in their right mind, ever thought that track pants (even though, stylish ones) could ever have a fashion moment?

7. Straw bags.

This was definitely one of my favorite trends. Not just because bags made from bamboo or sisal are environment-friendly, but also because they give off that boho-chic look which is different and stylish.

8. Perspex.

This is the one trend I strongly feel should be left in 2018. For those who might not be familiar with the word Perspex, that’s the clear or plastic looking outfits and accessories that were quite common in 2018. The heels were kinda cute, so were the visor hats that were also really common. The boots and anything else though? Nah. Next.

9. Bike shorts.

This trend only began to take off towards the end of the year. While it’s really cute when done right, we must be willing to accept that it’s not for everyone and that’s a polite way of saying that it’s not for all body types. See, bike shorts are very short and tight and while you can style them with long tees or even oversized blazers, showing your cellulite to people in the name of following fashion trends is a no no. You don’t have to follow all trends. Sadly, this might be one of the trends that will cross over to the next year.

10. Cropped jackets.

Cropped jackets were quite chic and trendy. Plus, if you didn’t have one, you didn’t have to splurge as you could simply DIY an old jacket by cutting it into a cropped one.

11. Pleated skirts.

A line calf length pleated skirts were huge in 2018. Not only were they super elegant but they also had endless styling possibilities which made them an IT wardrobe possession of the year.

12. Tassel earrings.

Are you even Nairobian if you didn’t have a pair of tassel earrings in 2018?

13. Wrap tops and front tie tops.

These were like a polished version of the once famous bolero. Quite a popular trend of 2018 and one we really hope crosses over to 2019.

14. Mules and thigh high boots.

Mules were really big last year but they crossed over to 2018 and came in a myriad of designs, from heeled to flat and open to closed toe. Thigh high boots were also quite popular in 2018 especially for nights out.

15. Statement tees.

Everyone let their t-shirt do the speaking for them. They are easy to style, can be a witty and fun way to pass on a message, be it political or just a fun quote, so why not?

16. Off-White.

A lot of the Off-White belts you were seeing around were fake designer, but then, life is all about faking it till you make it right? We can’t take away the fact that Kenyans really rocked the Off-White trend, especially the industrial belt.

17. Designer knock-off.

Watu wa Moi Avenue couture, sema Oyeeeeee. We cannot forget you. What would fake designer product sellers do without you? Last year was all about fake Gucci bags. This year, Fendi was everywhere, and of course, the Off-White and fake Balenciagas. As legendary designer, Karl Lagerfield once said, trendy is the last stage before tacky. But hey, to each their own.

Which was your favorite 2018 fashion trend?


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