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Top 3 things every man should never wear on a first date

Know how to impress by avoiding these fashion faux pas during your first date.

From choosing what you want to do on the date to what you are going to wear – and this does not only apply to women.

Men too need to pay attention to what they wear on a first date. First impressions are everything and you don’t want to make the wrong one.

This doesn’t mean wearing a three-piece suit to the first date but avoiding wearing these top 3 clothing items on the first date can help make a lasting impression of you.


1.Wrinkled clothing

A survey of singles about fashion and dating by online dating site website Zoosk ranked wrinkled clothing as the top turn off during a first date.

66 percent of those studied said they found wrinkled clothing unappealing.

2.Socks and sandals

Following closely by with 55 percent was wearing socks and sandals to the date. Not sure why anyone would want to wear socks and sandals during their first date but now you know not to do so.


The sandals and socks combination, as per the study, was also considered to be a libido-killer – yikes.

3.Ill-fitting clothes

Be it too tight or too big, stay away from ill-fitting clothes when going on a date.

What to wear

Yes, the pressure can be great during a first date but a nice fitting pair of jeans and a good shirt can do the trick – and no sandals and socks combination to pair that with.


Source: Men's Health


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