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Check out Julie Gichuru's natural hair in it's full glory

This just moves to prove that even celebrities struggle with beauty like the rest of the Kenyan ladies.

Julie Gichuru always has amazing hair when she’s up and about her business. That is why a picture of her with natural unkempt hair is so refreshing.

While it is a beautiful mane, Julie’s baby hair and edges struggles a slap back to reality that you create the image you want people to have of you.

She has over the past graced the media in expensive hairstyles most can only dream of. This picture goes to prove that just like all the other girls, our Kenyan super women such as Gichuru also share in the beauty struggles.


Well, we love how puffy it looks and she dyed it back to iot’s original black after slaying a glorious blonde mane for some time.

Check her out.


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