This 2 year old has better style than you (Photos)

How cute is she?

And by little fashionistas, we mean those cute little kids killing the fashion game - you have definitely come across one on your timeline.

These little ones' styles are so good they make you question yours as an adult - like how are they killing it more than you?

One little girl known as Quenisha Qiana is one of those stylish kid that is bound to make you envy her style.

Check out her photos below:

1. Have you already started taking photos? Should I start posing now?

2. She even has the pose down. Slay.

3. I think I have this modelling thing down.

4. Denim on denim on denim. Plus timbs.

5. She looks so guilty here.

6. Camo love.

7.That's all folks.


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