Fashion is easy, style isn’t.

Style is personality and iconography of personal values. You can tell a lot from a person’s clothes… Actually you can’t. That’s a fallacy. You couldn’t tell if the well-dressed man next to you is a pastor or a banker. Clothes help us wear different personalities. They turn us into chameleons- able to blend into any environment that work and life thrusts us into.

You can be the most unpleasant person on the planet but because we don’t actually wear our hearts on our shoulder pads, then it’s possible to dress up like who are, want to be or wish.

There are however some common faux pas people make that make them completely miss the mark when it comes to pulling off the ultimate ensemble. Some are bad, some are forgivable but some are downright horrifying.

Visible underwear.

Unless you’re going to a disco, wearing dayglow underwear under your sheer outfits is unacceptable.

Visible panty lines, visible panty rims, undershirts and bras are very distracting.

Skimpy separators

What do you think you are? A human fraction. If you’re wearing a top that’s modestly revealing then the bottom should not be equally revealing or more so.

Tights as pants

Stockings, tights and panty hose are not pants. Don’t try to pass them off as pants. Don’t misuse them. You don’t wear briefs as head wear so why do that to your poor stockings?

Badly done sheer

Sheer clothes can be tasteful. But ensure that your underwear isn’t visible at all. Or if it has to be, do some kind of artistic Rihanna-esque thing where you wear nude underwear. If you can get Sadolin to create your skin shade and dye your undies to match your skin tone down to the very last stretchmark- power to you. Otherwise, don’t show off your undies.

Branded head to toe

Designer logos are cool. But don’t be gaudy and have the huge Louis Vuitton LVs hanging all over you like gnats over recently sprayed hair.

Too much too ever

Moderation is the new black. Unless you’re attending an event that encourages this practice, don’t overdo your perfume. To the point where you singe people’s nostrils when you walk past them. Don’t wear too much jewelry. The clanking and clicking is distracting and could even be a health hazard. (I don’t know how, though). Don’t wear too much makeup. The plastic look isn’t hot.

Off colour blocking

Colour blocking is cool. But you have to have an eye for it. Some bright colours go well together with others. When in doubt, take a selfie in natural light. If your phone’s camera doesn’t glitch or if you’re not tempted to use a filter then you’re probably ok.

Denim matching

If you don't look like this, you shouldn't wear denim on denim. Sometimes, you can pull of the retro denim on denim but they have to be different textures and different shades of the same colour or something.


You are not a HD screen. You don't want to answer the question, 'What would you look like if a high visibility jacket threw up on you'? Technicolour was created for television not fabric. Don’t wear those colours that are so bright they burn retinas and make your victims see things in that hideous shade of luminous green.

Pattern matching

Like colour blocking, this needs to be approached with caution. The patterns need contrast but not directly. Just because you’re wearing vertical stripes on top doesn’t mean you correspond with horizontal stripes on the bottom.