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5 questions we need answered about the ‘thong’ jeans

Yay or nay for the thong jeans?

Now we all know fashion can either be really good or it can tend to lean more towards the bizarre and strange side that usually leaves us very confused.

And that is exactly what the thong jeans did to us.

The latest bizarre fashion craze first made its debut at a Tokyo runway show and of course a photo of the jeans went viral.


The young and upcoming designer behind it all (pun intended) is known as Meiko Ban of Thibaut and we’re just not sure how to feel about these jeans so we’ll just ask what we need to in these five questions.


What exactly happened to the rest of the fabric? Are they even jeans without all that fabric? Why play with our emotions like this?

What’s so wrong with normal thongs that we had to transform jeans into them?

Better yet why didn’t we just leave the whole cut-out jeans fashion craze at knee length?


Again why?

So what do think? Yay or nay for the thong jeans?


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