Top 10 annoying gym behaviors Nairobians have

In my recent visits to some gyms in Nairobi, I have noticed some really annoying habits that every gym lover ought to be wary of and avoid.

From Zumba classes to weight lifting session, Nairobi ladies and men are on a roll to get into the fitness club.

Due to this, there have been numerous gyms opening up around the Capital.

In my recent visits to the gym, I have noticed some really annoying habits that every gym lover ought to be wary of.

1. Leaving weights everywhere

It is your responsibility to return the weight to the holders once you are done – this ensures safety for everyone inside the gym.

Never think it is the work of the gym instructor to do so.

2. Leaving gym equipment sweaty

It is understandable that you will sweat when lifting the weights. However, after using make sure you wipe the sweat off for the sake of the next user.

3. Overstaying on one piece of equipment

It is rude to use the treadmill for two hours yet you can clearly see there are people waiting to use it.

Therefore, be considerate enough to share.

4. Pressuring others to finish using an equipment

While waiting to use a piece of equipment, never give the other user the pressure of winding up their routine.

5. Insisting starters should lift heavier weights

Some well-built guys at the gym always have this irritating behavior of imposing heavier weight on starters.

With the regular chant ‘strong’ they make starters feel small since they are just lifting a 5 Kg. Give them a break please.

6. Unnecessary comments

Honestly,  the mere fact a person is at the gym they are clearly aware that they are unfit and need to lose some weight. Therefore, comments such as “you are fat, you are unstable’ should not be uttered.

7. Idling on equipment

I bet you have met those people who are always in the gym not necessarily to work out but having a chat while sitting on that bench you want to use.

Probably there should be signs highlighting ‘no idling’.

8. Listening to loud music that can be heard by everyone at the gym through your headphones can be very annoying. Also picking your calls on loudspeaker mode while training is also kinda rude.

9. Staying long in the shower

People have a tight schedule, therefore, when taking a shower just make it brief.

10. Walking naked around the changing room

Some privacy will be appreciated at the changing rooms. Even if you do not fear displaying your body, you could be making others uncomfortable. So be decent.


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