5 foods you should never eat before taking alcohol

They make you sick


But what should you eat? You don’t just eat anything that fills your stomach. Some foods will dehydrate you and others will worsen the hangover.

So, we have compiled a list of some foods you should avoid eating before boozing:

1. Salad

Salad is best for your health but taking it before drinking is a wrong choice. While going out to drink, you need to eat foods with enough calories to slow down the rate of alcohol absorption. Salads are low in calories and you thus might fall sick after drinking. If you have to take a salad, combine it with proteins such as chicken since protein also takes longer to digest.

2. Coffee

It might be a cold night prompting you to take a cup of coffee before taking alcohol. But the acidity in coffee can cause a painful reflux while taking alcohol. Also, the effects of caffeine may mask those of alcohol making you drink more than you planned to.

3. Pizza

You might decide to savor some pizza with your girlfriends before drinking. And even though it tastes better when you are in a group, the acidity in pizza might lead to heartburns.

4. Salty foods

Forget about fries, crisps and the likes if you are planning on drinking. Salty foods will dehydrate you before drinking and it might get worse given that alcohol is also a diuretic.

5. Spicy foods

In ordinary days, spicy foods will most often upset your stomach. Consuming them before drinking alcohol makes it even worse.


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